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Architecture gives way to the landscape: new houses are raised above the ground, vacating a spacious (4 hectares) area at the ground level for public amenities and landscaping.

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The incredible architectural concept leaves no room for banality anywhere within its orbit. That is why, instead of the conventional paving and installment of street furniture, this location implements a complex solution where a new forest was created.

The landscape is based on the natural zoning of the untouched forest. As a result, it shows an authentic texture and is populated by appropriate vegetation.

Vasily Polenov. Overgrown Pond.

Vasily Polenov. Overgrown Pond.

Drawing on the legacy of landscape paintings by Shishkin and Polenov, the project's authors recreate the ambience of the Russian nature in its natural diversity. The space is divided into unique zones: the forest, the meadow, the garden, and the forest edge. Each of them is populated by a special collection of plants: ranging from tall trees and ground-covering plants to fruit-bearing flora and motley grasses for the meadow.

Ivan Shishkin. At the Edge of a Birch Grove Ivan Shishkin. At the Edge of a Birch Grove

Ivan Shishkin. At the Edge of a Birch Grove

The landscape is based on the natural zoning of the untouched forest. As a result, it shows an authentic texture and is populated by appropriate vegetation.



30 types of fruit trees, shrubs and wildflowers selected for the meadow all create the atmosphere of a cozy garden.



The flora of the forest part is made up of 45 species of plants, ranging from the Siberian larch to lemon balm and starwort. This diversity enriches any walk through the area with the feeling of authenticity of the environment.



The woodland edge area is populated by grasses and low-growing shrubs that are typical in Russian nature. These include lilac, elderberry, anemone, snow-white wood-rush, and 12 more species.



The airy and light feeling that is characteristic of this woodland is created by trees that grow only to moderate sizes: aspens, white poplars and downy birches.

In particularly complex areas, landscape designers relied on assistance from engineers. They use advanced solutions that made it possible to plant vegetation in places that were not originally adapted for it.

Each of the park areas has its own level system and soil composition. This creates the exact conditions that different species of plants need.

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The central spot for outdoor recreation is a huge lawn. It is always flooded with light that passes through the high pillars of the houses unobstructed.

Areas of the park with different functional purposes and personalities also come with different, carefully engineered surface materials. For example, walking tracks are covered with a special composite material made of rubble. It ensures that walking on the surface is comfortable in any condition: it won't be slippery during a rainfall even for someone wearing loafers, and going uphill will be comfortable even in high heels.

Various kinds of plants have different humidity requirements. To ensure that conditions are appropriate for the park vegetation, the park is equipped with adjustable water spray columns.

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Places reserved for access by special-purpose vehicles make use of a compacted material that is used in airports and helicopter pads. The lawn is reinforced with a special polypropylene mesh, and its surface does not become damaged by increased impact.


The long riverside promenade runs along the embankment, offering views of the Krasnaya Presnya Park and Moskva-City. The additional level that hides passages to the elevators and underground parking also accommodates a raised terrace with cafes and shops. Trees growing on different levels create an uninterrupted green line that continues to the west of the complex.


The courtyard is divided into functional areas: the front yard, the square and alleys that connect the southern buildings with the terrace and the park. All this permeates the boulevard, offering a walk along the heritage buildings and providing quick access to all infrastructure facilities.