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For children

For children

Тут специально загруженный текст

Young residents are invited into an environment that was designed to support their physical, intellectual, and aesthetic development. A private daycare center offers a wide variety of classes, ranging from dancing to pottery. The numerous and original play spaces expand the familiar concept of a playground.

Тут специально загруженный текст


The diverse landscape is scattered with numerous playground equipment that is organically integrated into the natural surroundings. In addition to the familiar fun of a swing or trampoline, your child can embark on an exciting journey through the panda park with treehouses or explore the boulders and log structures custom-designed for climbing.


The daycare center is located on the patio, which gives it two important additional advantages. The first is that it has a fenced area for walking and playing with a special soft flooring. The second advantage is that sunlight reaches the lower floors, and the rooms with huge windows facing the park are always flooded with light.


Children will meet Badasaurus and Badatron, their friendly guides to the world of creativity, science and sports. Through their exciting adventures, children will be able to learn a lot and discover various talents of their own.